The Dydon Concept

Until today risk and compliance monitoring systems typically aggregate company internal data from ERP or CRM systems, HR, Intranet or workflow applications for regulatory conduct compliance into a set of KPI’s using various mathematical methods. Due to the complexity this is normally done annually or best every quarter.

Yet, today’s world has changed. The exposure of executives has risen in recent years due to changes in regulatory responsibilities following the global financial crisis, the increased importance of social media channels and increased competition through globalization. Thus, to manage an enterprise effectively, executives need an always up-to-date overview of all operational, legal, financial, commercial and social risks in a single view, combined with the option to drill down to the root cause and run life "what-if" and sensitivity analysis.

In the Dydon solution, we combine classical risk and compliance rating logic trees to identify weak points within the company and use these as input for external data search and analysis to assess the company’s exposure. The result is a live dashboard with alarm features for c-level executives giving them a fast and easy to understand overview of the company stands from an internal and external view simultaneously.

Producing such dashboards and reports requires in-depth know-how of the industries (e.g. banking, insurance, etc.) an artificial intelligence technologies (machine learning, NLP, etc.). The Dydon team are subject matter experts from various industries and universitie

Our Services

Integration Services

The Dydon solution is data driven. We help our customers to integrate the right data from the right source into the system. Help with data formatting, building logics and dashboards

Data analysis using AI methods

automatic analysis and categorization of of call kind of inputdata using semantic and taxonomy solutions

Data Loading

Automatic Import of Data in various formats from internal and external sources and automatic feeds

Software as a Service

The Dydon solution is available in an “as a Service” Model on private or public clouds based on applications, performance and confidentiality needs.

Software on premise

The Dydon solution is also available for on-premise installation at the customer data center.

Taxonomy Management

Basically, a taxonomy is a way to group things together. Yet, taxonomies become easily very complex as the are industry specific, many expressions and terms are differently used and understood based on the context. Thus Dydon has build a system to automatically learn and maintain industry specific taxonomies and link them with rating and text analysis engines

Project Management

We manage installation-, integration- and configuration projects for our customers


Planning and building customer specific solutions requires in-depth industry know-how and up-to-date information technology skills. Talk to our experts to find out who we could help you.


Regualtory Risk and Compliance
IT SLA Performance Monitoring
Conduct & Reputational Risk
Data Analysis using AI methods

What we do

Sofisticated Rating and Aggregation
Textual Context Analysis using AI Methods
Taxonomy Systems
Data Visualisation and Reporting

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Recent Tweets

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