Show case: Service Benchmarking of IT Sourcing

Studies show difficult situations  for customers as well as for providers

Significant Cost Savings through Intelligent SLA Benchmarking

Introducing SLA benchmarking provided annual cost savings of € 2.5m for a global bank with  very mixed IT infrastructures and services.

The 4 Maturity Levels for Intelligent Service Benchmarking

Why Service Benchmarking?

Case I: SLA Rating and Benchmarking

Quality and Efficiency Rating Bank Office Services Swiss Retail Bank

Case II: IT Service Management Optimization

Incident Resolution Time Reduced by 30% by Enhancing a Standard Incident Management System with Analytics, Prediction and Decision Support

Case III: SLA Contract Management and KPI Monitoring

Constantly Monitor IT Operational Data and Compare Against Service Level Agreements to Identify Contractual Violations and Service Degradation.